Ready to go natural?

Hello and welcome to my blog.  My name is Nancy.

5 and half years ago I decided to go natural. 

Going natural was a big life changing decision because  as far back as I could remember, I always had relaxed hair. it took a lot of reading researching, trying different product, big chop (which means cutting my hair off) to finally get to the stage where I could start enjoying my natural hair it wasn't easy.

This blog will mainly focus on natural hair, I would like to share my experience, Do's and Don'ts, what I have learned so far? what product works for me? who is doing what to their hair? my step by step hair regime?
I am still learning. It is going to be a journey that I would like to share with you and maybe we could learn together.
For anybody going natural, I have one word of advice stay strong (actually that's two words), there's a lot to learn but it is not impossible.

Just think about it, you have been relaxing your hair for the longest time (well as far back as you can remember), and you probably have never experience what being natural is all about.

This is going to be a learning process, a transition, new life, a new begin, a new you. YOU CAN DO IT........ STAY STRONG...

I will be uploading video from various you tube in order to provide a visual aids on this matter (this is serious trust me)... I realise that even though nowadays there is a lot of information on natural hair, you need to do a lot of research.... not everybody has the time, that is why I would like to include all of it here, if possible...

 what we should remember is, relaxer does constitute a danger to our health. The chemical inside isn't anything that should be going inside our body (blood stream). I will do a blog very soon about that, please stay connected. I think with the invasion of the internet and technology, we should at least try to take our time to research and understand what substance, chemical, product we consume on a day to day basis.  Before we can eat, drink, apply (a specific hair or body cream) we need to know what is inside it. 
We are queen created by the almighty to excel, therefore we have to wear our natural crown with pride and Joy..... Until next time, stay bless, stay inspired.....

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  • BMK Oil

    I must say your blog got my attention, its pretty informative i loved it and i will like to read more from you, Thanks

  • Moerra

    I have watched a video on Facebook talking about research on hair products it was in the US they said some substances made to make hair products relaxers are cancerous…but according to my understanding they were talking about hair products in general both relaxed and natural but emphasizing that relaxers are harmful…it was said to be the first research done in relation with that the video should still be on Facebook or something..

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