What makes Essential Oils Essential?

Ever walked in on a friend smiling all by herself as she applies her body lotion? Or ever sat by a lady and the smell of her styled hair left you dreaming?


Or maybe you've enjoyed a memorable time in the spa as their fingers walked all over, then just when you thought that was all, they brought in these sets of oil that just melted all your worries away?

There you have it: What makes ESSENTIAL oils essential!

They are made from leaves, herbs, barks and rinds. And they are  left to ferment or endure concentration by different unique methods.

These oils are clear, meaning you can see through and scarcely find what makes them tick.

They come in many different fragrances depending on their kind.

Examples of essential oils are Lavender, Chamomile and RoseMary.

Their great smell are therapeutic and they can be used for skin and hair care by adding to other oils, cream and bath gels.

However, it is advised that to check for your body reaction to any of these oils, you apply a sparse quantity to a hidden part of your skin, then if satisfied with the result, you can continue use.

A note of Caution...

As a quick add, please note that edible oils like Citrus oil will do your skin great harm. In the same vein, skin and hair care oils should not be added to your food; not even when you desperately desire that your digestive system smells as nice as your hair!!


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