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Coconut Oil Hair Care Secrets

FIND OUT WHAT THE MAGNIFICENT COCONUT OIL CAN DO FOR YOUR HAIR AND MORE   Coconut oil is rich in vitamin D, E and K.  It contains Phytonutrients and Polyphenols and is best at its organic and unrefined form.    When coconut oil is in its original form, it can be be qualified with  any of these names: Virgin, Cold pressed or Raw.   Coconut oil can:    Effectively heal your flaky and itching scalp.   Deeply condition your hair penetrating the shafts.   Detangle stubborn strands, leaving no residue or damage to your tresses.   Help your hair grow longer, thicker and faster.   Also moisturize your face and skin in minutes, add to your lotion. Cosmeceuticals know this...

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11 DIY Hair Masks Using Honey Honey is a humectant, which means its attract and hold water molecules from the surrounding environment. this property, along with its antibacterial, emollient and softening properties makes it a perfect ingredients for hair and scalp care.  Why should you add honey into your hair routine? *Honey minimize frizz *Honey is a humectant *Honey prevents splits ends *Honey helps soften hair *Honey helps and protect the scalps against dandruff, flaky scalp and other scalps problem     Here are 11 easy hair mask using honey that can be incorporated into your everyday hair routine. Honey and Olive Oil Hair Mask Honey olive oil hair mask is the best combination for dull, dry and damaged hair. It...

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HOW  TO  NOT LOOSE HAIR ON WASH DAYYour beautiful kinky hair whether short or shoulder length can be washed without worry of tangle and knots. You won't have to dread breakage anymore when you think of washing your hair if you follow these simple tips:1. PRE-POOIf you are using a shampoo that contains sulfate, then Pre-Poo with the oil of your choice. How to do this is to apply oil on your hair and scalp then wear a plastic cap for about an hour or even overnight. The best oil you can use for pre-pooing is the Healthy Growing Crown herbal hair growth oil. And we are just a phone call away from delivering it at your doorstep. You can...

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