Rice water is a starchy liquid leftover after boiling or soaking rice. Rice water has powerful healing and nourishment effects on both the skin and hair. It is dated 1000 years back when women working in the Chinese Imperial Court were identified on long, thick and voluminous hair over the use of rice water. Rice water was the most searched natural ingredient in Google in the year 2018.

A study done in 2013 and many others have shown the concrete effect of rice water in treating damaged skin and hair.

Components of rice water

The constituents of rice water are the properties linked to the healing and nourishment effect on skin and hair.

Vitamins – Contains vitamin B, C, and E known to have rejuvenation and nourishment effects to skin cells. It soothes the skin tone and brightens the complexion.

Minerals – Known to tighten the skin and open the pores.

Amino Acids – Building blocks of protein powerful in skin and hair cells regeneration and repair.

Ferulic Acid – Powerful antioxidant protecting the skin from free radicals and sun damage. Lightens up blemish and dark aging spots on skin.

Allantois – It has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Inositol – A complex carbohydrate effective in strengthening the hair and reducing its surface friction.

 Benefits of Rice water

  • Promotes the growth of skin and hair cells.
  • Improves blood flow in the skin and scalp.
  • Relieves acne and skin inflammation
  • Removes dark blemish spots and brightens the complexion of the skin.
  • Protects from sun rays and free radical damage to the skin.
  • Promotes hair growth, rejuvenates and conditions the hair.
  • Tightens and revive aging wrinkled skin.


Methods of preparation of Rice water

There are several methods of preparation of rice water for skin and hair applications. However, three of them are the most used and recommended.

(a)        Boiling

Rinse the rice thoroughly. Mix four times as much water than rice, stir and bring it to boil. Press the rice to release the important properties and sieve to obtain the rice water. Refrigerate for a week and dilute to use.

(b)       Soaking

Rinse and soak the rice for thirty minutes. Press the rice and sieve it out. Refrigerate the rice water for a week and dilute with plain water to use.

(c)        Fermenting

Follow the soaking method but before refrigeration, leave the rice water in a container for two days at room temperature. Refrigerate for a week and dilute with water for use.

Final Thoughts

Rice water can be used as a skin cleanser, toner and body scrub. It can also be used as a hair rinse and bath soak. Any type of rice is said to be fit for rice water skin and hair application. Rice water is organic and natural and therefore can go bad. Make small bits for weekly use. Be patient as a result show up with time.



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