Miracle tree/Moringa Leaves and Powder for Hair Growth

Moringa is referred to as the ‘Miracle Tree’. It has many benefits for health, and its seeds, bark, roots, fruits, flowers, pods and leaves can be used to the best effect. The plant can be found widely in sub-tropical and tropical areas. This is a medicinal plant which is commonly used in South and Central America, Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Philippines, Malaysia and Mexico. Know how its leaves and powder can aid in hair growth.

Cleanses hair

The powder of Moringa works like a natural cleanser, and can remove a lot of impurities from hair. It also aids in the detoxification of the body, thus aiding in getting rich and glowing hair.

Conditions hair

With 8 essential amino acids, 46 different antioxidants and over 90 nutrients, the leaves and powdered form of Moringa can be excellent for hair growth. The shelf life of Moringa is very long, and it may be used for conditioning of hair.

Combats oxidative stress

The vitamins E and C are excellent antioxidants. These help in combating harmful free radicalswhich weaken the body from outside as well as inside, making hair weaker and causing it to become grey. Vitamin C is able to fight the damage whereas vitamin E is able to repair the damage which has been done already. As you probably know, Vitamin C is a great immunity booster, and a strong immune system can also help hair health and growth.

Boosts hair growth

Moringa plant contains 46 types of antioxidants and more than 90 nutrients. Thus, it can prevent dandruff and boost hair growth. For healthier and stronger hair, this is a must. According to scientific studies, it has been found out that its leaves are packed with a lot of nutritional value. For natural hair growth, the hair must have the best delivery of nutrients to it.

Helps prevent dandruff

Moringa is packed with a high amount of Vitamin A, which can help prevent dandruff, dry hair and hair loss. It is packed with many important nutrients such as the vitamins K, E, D, C, B7, B6, B3, B2, B1 and A. The B vitamins, particularly B6, folic acid and biotin can be very useful for you in dealing with loss of hair.

Improves circulation to hair

Vitamin E can increase blood circulation and thus, stimulate the scalp. When there is more blood circulation, there can be delivery of more nutrients to the follicles of hair. Thus, hair can grow healthier and stronger. Vitamin is also necessary for better circulation of blood and nutrients to the scalp. Moringa contains all the important nutrients that hair needs for good health and growth.


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